Boing Boing reviews the iPhone 4, gets “full 4 days of battery life”

Tue, Jun 22, 2010


As the iPhone 4 reviews start rolling in, here’s Boing Boing’s take on Apple’s next-gen iPhone.

Regarding the build quality:

The iPhone 4 face and back side are made from “aluminosilcate glass,” which Apple says has been “chemically strengthened to be 30 times harder than plastic.” Fighting instinct (my… precious!)I banged it on the side of metal tables, attempted to scuff it on the floor, and it did not sustain scratches as my iPhone 3GS and first-edition iPhone have. Granted, I didn’t take a hammer or keys to it, and I don’t know “Will It Blend”—I felt too protective—but this is clearly a much sturdier face. This also explains why Apple is only selling those little “bumpers” now, to snap around the edges, instead of older style cases that also protect the face and back of the device.

And echoing Engadget’s sentiments about the device’s eerily astounding battery life:

With light use, but with 3G data and WiFi turned on the whole time, I got a full 4 days of battery life. With very heavy video recording and playback, instant messaging, email and data tethering over 3G, I got a full day of battery life. I didn’t have enough time before this review to do careful benchmark testing against Apple’s claims, so I can’t provide specific percentages, but it felt like the battery life was a good 20-25% meatier.



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