Rumor – Apple to announce touch enabled 22-inch iOS/OS X iMac in coming weeks

Tue, Jun 22, 2010

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Citing an anonymous source, LOOPRumors reports that Apple’s next-gen iMac will come equipped with an iOS touch interface layer built on top of OS X. The rumored hybrid-OS iMac will reportedly debut at an Apple Special Event sometime in the next 60 days.

Loop Rumors track record regarding Apple rumors is certainly hit or miss, so definitely take this tidbit with a grain of salt. But in the interest of completeness, the Chinese-language Commercial Times did report back in January that Apple was working on a 22-inch multitouch iMac for release sometime in 2010. The report notes that this supposed 22-inch mulitouch iMac would join the 21.5 and 27-inch iMac lineup currently available.

Hmm, now what would be the point of having iOS run on the iMac? Do users really want/need mulitouch on their desktop computer screens? Is there a selling point in being able to run iOS apps on the desktop?


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