Tuesday Night links, because the only thing that’s over is this transmission

Tue, Jun 22, 2010


Hey there folks, here are some non iPhone 4 related Apple links for your reading pleasure. And if anyone catches where the title of this post is derived from, shoot us an an email and we’ll give you a free MacBook Pro! Well, not really, but hopefully it evokes a chuckle or two.

Apple’s A4 dissected – EE Times

What it’s like to own an Apple product (edit: funny stuff) – Oatmeal

Full analysis of iPhone app store economics – Communities Dominate Brands

Rumored “Marble” project/UI is actually Xcode 4 – Daring Fireball

Don’t blame Apple for AT&T’s security ineptitude – TUAW

Microsoft to face off against Apple iPhone 4 launch – AppleInsider

Sprint fires employee for leaking HTC EVO 4G Sales data – Mobile Crunch


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