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Wed, Jun 23, 2010


Walt Mossberg got a review unit? Shocking.

I’ve been testing the iPhone 4 for more than a week. In both hardware and software, it is a major leap over its already-excellent predecessor, the iPhone 3GS.

Former Macworld Desktop Critic and now NY Times Tech Columnist David Pogue is a fan.

Apple releases only one new model a year, so the new iPhone had better be pretty amazing to compete.

It is…

With the iPhone 4, Apple tried to relieve the wigginess. Sound is much better on both ends of the call, thanks in part to a noise-canceling microphone and an improved audio chamber (which also helps speakerphone and music sound). The stainless-steel edge band is now part of the antenna. The new phone is also better at choosing the best channel for connecting with the cell tower, even if’s not technically the strongest one. (Ever had four bars, but a miserable connection? Then you get it.)

Even Boy Genius Report got in on the action:

Speaking of the screen… it’s stunning. We know, we know, it may or may not be a true Retina display, but forget all that. The display is crisp, bright, and from what we’ve seen so far, plain awesome. The increased pixel density really makes images pop and text sharp. As billed, it is probably the most desirable hardware feature on the phone.

And finally, USA Today’s Ed Baig:

The new iPhone 4 I’ve been testing for about a week and a half — along with the major refresh of the mobile operating system software at the core of recent models — demonstrates once again why Apple’s handset is the one to beat, even as it faces fierce competition from phones based on Google‘s Android platform, among others.



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