iPhone enthusiasts in Chicago already lining up in the rain

Thu, Jun 24, 2010


If it’s Summer, someone forgot to tell Chicago. The weather here has been nothing short of shitty, and this evening the Chicago-land area was blessed with a torrential downpour followed by a good ole’ fashioned tornado watch.

But weather be damned, folks looking to pick up the iPhone 4 on launch day simply won’t be denied. At approximately 8PM, people began waiting in line outside of Chicago’s flagship Apple Store located on Michigan Avenue.

Macworld associate David Chartier, who took the above photo, also notes that the girl with the 3rd spot in line is offering to sell her spot for $500. I’m not sure who’s a bigger sucker – the girl hoping to make a quick $500 by standing out in storm weather, or the sap who actually takes her up on her offer. Well, we’ll actually go with the sap on this one. Chartier points out that Apple handed out umbrellas to all the folks who decided to line up early.

Meanwhile, MacRumors is reporting that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was spotted hanging around the Chicago Apple Store for some reason. They’re also reporting that Best Buy and Walmart will have as few as 5 walk-in units available on launch day. So much for that plan.


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