How important is the iPhone to Apple’s bottom line?

Mon, Jun 28, 2010

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Andy Zaky of Bullish Cross takes a look at just how significant the iPhone has become to Apple’s bottom line in just a span of 3 years. At this time 3 years ago, the original iPhone wasn’t even available in stores. Now, it not only accounts for the bulk of Apple’s revenue, but is also firmly established as the leading smartphone on the market, inspiring similar designs, in both hardware and software, from a multitude of companies.

In any event, the chart below speaks volumes, and Zaky notes that the iPhone has been “Apple’s lead revenue driver for three quarters running”, a figure made all the more impressive when you consider that most iPhone purchases come with a multi-month carrier contract. And earlier today, Apple announced that it had sold over 1.7 million iPhone 4s in three days.

Regarding future iPhone sales, Zaky anticipates that Apple will sell 9.3 million iPhones in Q3 of 2010 and 11.5 million iPhones in Q4 of 2010. We should point out, here, that Zaky¬†is consistently more accurate about Apple’s future financial position than most analysts at big time investment firms,

The chart below is another gem from Zaky, and breaks down iPhone unit sales and revenue since 2007. Note that the Q3 and Q4 figures are merely projections¬†which, Zaky concedes, “may change quite markedly.”



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