Nokia makes fun of iPhone 4 reception problems on official blog

Mon, Jun 28, 2010


In the wake of the iPhone 4’s highly publicized reception issues, Nokia decided to have a little bit of fun at Apple’s expense. The Finnish handset maker recently put up a post on its official blog describing the myriad of ways users can effectively hold their Nokia devices.

The article goes on to describe a few phone holding positions (witness “The Cup” pictured on the right), and we can’t lie, it’s all pretty funny.

As you might expect, the post includes a few well placed jabs which poke fun at the aforementioned antenna problems.

We’ve found any of the four grips mentioned above to be both comfortable and as you can see, offer no signal degradation whatsoever. This isn’t a feature you’ll only find on high-end Nokia devices either. It’s something that’s been a part of pretty much every Nokia device ever made (perhaps with the exception of that teardrop 3G one, which was a bit ridiculous).

But the fun doesn’t stop there. The article goes on to say, quite obviously and sarcastically, that the “key function on any Nokia device is its ability to make phone calls.”

One of the main things we’ve found about the 1 billion plus Nokia devices that are in use today is that when making a phone call, people generally tend to hold their phone like a…. well, like a phone. Providing a wide range of methods and grips for people to hold their phones, without interfering with the antennae, has been an essential feature of every device Nokia has built.

And lastly, in an obvious jab at Steve Jobs’ “Don’t hold it in that way” iPhone 4 email, Nokia writes:

Of course, feel free to ignore all of the above because realistically, you’re free to hold your Nokia device any way you like. And you won’t suffer any signal loss. Cool, huh?

Solid stuff, but Apple might be having the biggest laugh of all considering that they sold 1.7 million iPhone 4 units in just 3 days.


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