Steve Wozniak, your friendly iPhone 4 line chauffeur

Mon, Jun 28, 2010


Apple co-founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs couldn’t be more diametrically opposite individuals. Jobs, he of the legendary temper and keen business mind, is not someone you really want to rile up. Woz, meanwhile, is a concert loving, Segway riding, TV Dancing, and Tetris-playing engineer, who despite his illustrious accomplishments, remains a lovable geek and a boy at heart.

And though the aura of “kindness” that surrounds Woz is already well known, the following story is particularly worth mentioning.

Whten the iPad launched back in April, Woz, who likes waiting in long Apple lines with the masses even though he doesn’t need to, met a high school student named Parth Dhebar. Apparently the two hit it off because they kept in touch and decided to hang out again during the iPhone 4 launch. So on the night before launch day, Woz actually drove to Dhebar’s house and picked him up. And upon arriving at the Apple Store inside the Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, California, Woz proceeded to sign autographs for eager Apple fans. What a guy!

Now it’s well-known that Woz is an avid gadget enthusiast, so this shot of his car dashboard shouldn’t be all that surprising, though it is pretty ridiculous. 2 GPS systems, and what appear to be the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. We can only imagine what his living room looks like.

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  1. Travis Says:

    Well… now that iPhone has multitasking he can consolidate!

  2. 'Jeep Says:

    And he drives a Prius… the human face of hi-tech geeks

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