Is Apple going to go on a shopping spree?

Tue, Jun 29, 2010

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Apple doesn’t purchase companies outright very often, and when it does, they are often strategic additions to the company. Over the past two years or so, however, Apple has turned up the dial on its corporate acquisitions, and a recent report from Dan Frommer suggests that they may just be getting started.

After moderating a CEO dinner last night, Frommer picked up the following tidbits of info about Apple’s future plans.

Apple’s next big move is going to be TV.Besides the leaks of a supposed new Apple TV device, the company also renamed its iPhone OS “iOS,” foreshadowing a future beyond mobile devices. The company’s move into advertising — mobile, so far, but no reason it can’t extend into TV somehow — is another hint.

Apple’s shopping spree isn’t over, and the company is looking at all kinds of deals, even up to $1 billion. This is being led by Apple’s newish deals guy,¬†former Goldman banker Adrian¬†Perica.


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