Leaked AppleCare document explains how to deal with iPhone 4 reception issues; Free iPhone bumpers not gonna happen

Tue, Jun 29, 2010


Boy Genius Report this evening posted a leaked internal document from Apple instructing AppleCare employees how to handle complaints about reception issues on the iPhone 4. As you can tell from the snapshot below, Apple is maintaining the position that reported reception and signal issues are simply a fact of life for all celluar phones. The document also makes it abundantly clear that Apple will at no point be supplying, or “appeasing”, affected customers with free iPhone 4 Bumpers.

Interestingly,┬áthe document includes no mention of an impending software fix. A few days ago, a rumor surfaced suggesting that such a fix would be available sometime this week. Moreover, Steve Jobs addressed reception issues in a published email last week wherein he wrote, “Stay Tuned”, a somewhat cryptic message which many assumed hinted at an upcoming iOS software update.


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