New Futurama episode pokes fun at iPhone and Apple customers in all sorts of ways

Thu, Jul 1, 2010


Futurama is back mother f’ers, and they wasted no time at all going after Apple and the iPhone. In tonight’s episode, titled Attack of the Killer App, the iPhone, or eyephone as it’s called in the show, takes center stage.

The first Apple-related moment occurs when the gang sees a commercial for a new eyePhone from Mom. If you don’t know who Mom is, check her out over here. The commercial for the new eyePhone touts the ability to “stalk your ex” and “download p*rno on a crowded bus.” When the commercial ends, there’s a shot of everyone tossing their old phones into the trash – a BlackBerry Bold is clearly visible.

Anywhoo, when everyone steps outside intent on heading over to the store, the line to get in is backed up for several blocks, leading all the way back to Planet Express headquarters. While in line, they make conversation with an uber-nerdy guy boasting about how the eyePhone has several apps for biting Bender’s shiny metal ass. And naturally, the folks waiting in line are also depicted as mindless zombiles walking in single file to pick up their shiny new device.

Once inside, Mom’s store is a dead ringer for an Apple Store, right down to the Mom logo which closely resembles Apple’s, and the iPod style dancing sihlouttes of Mom and her cronies.

There’s some funky music playing in the foreground, prompting Amy to remark, “Wow, it’s that obscure underground song that’s constantly playing everywhere.”

Mom then appears on video via an overhead bigscreen where she remarks that the eyePhones are in short supply, prompting a mad dash to the checkout counter. Fry gets to the front of the line and asks the clerk if there are any eyePhones left in stock. The clerk responds, “there may be one”, as he sticks his hand back behind a curtain where we see a huge stockpile of eyePhones, with some even falling from the ceiling.

The clerk then tells Fry, “Okay, it’s $500. You have no choice of carrier. The battery can’t hold a charge, and the reception isn’t very..” Fry abruptly interrupts him and says “Shut up and take my money!”

The anti-Apple zingers are out in full force thus far.

Next, Mom explains why she likes using the eyePhone. “The new eyePhone is wonderful. I use it to check recipes and send threatening emails to unauthorized third party app developers.”

Well played.

Mom proceeds to talk about her favorite new eyePhone app, Twitcher, which lets users send short messages and videos. While demoing the video message feature with one of her cronies, the video feed abruptly dies out followed by a drained battery error message.

The rest of the episode is vintage Futurama, replete with jokes about Twitcher (i.e Twitter) and funny bit about a tv show called, “The Real Housewives of Sim City”.

Futurama’s focus on Apple is, of course, nothing new. Series co-founders David X. Cohen and Matt Groening are both big Apple nerds. We previously chronicled Futurama’s subtle and comical use of Apple and Mac references over here.

We’ll have clips (hopefully) and stills up shortly.

Update: Engadget’s a couple hours late to the party, but they were able to snag the video. Props.

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  1. Atilla Says:

    Its funny, coz its true 🙂

  2. jim T Says:

    Anybody know the episode name? I missed it and would like to watch it if it is re-broadcast.

  3. Phpguru Says:

    Episode name is in the second sentence of this blog post.

  4. Noway Says:

    Anybody know where I can find the second sentence of this blog post?

  5. blingham Says:

    I believe there is an app that will show you the second sentence in this blog post…but it will only work on the eye-phone 4.

  6. onetwowononetoo Says:

    Oh man, I have to buy an app? That sucks. Anybody know where I can find a free download to tell me where I can find the second sentence of this blog post that will tell me the episode name?

  7. greg joswiak Says:

    Anybody know what an app is?

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