iPhone 3GS design defect – photos obscured when device is held in a certain way

Tue, Jul 6, 2010


Now before the anti-Apple contingent, and perhaps some frustrated iPhone 4 owners, start hooting and hollering, keep in mind that this is just a joke.

With that disclaimer out of the way, a tumblr blogpost has an amusing take on the “don’t hold it that way” line from Steve Jobs. You see, it turns out that the iPhone 3GS has a design defect of its own, namely that if you hold the phone in a certain way when taking a picture, photos come out blurry and obstructed due to a finger being placed in front of the lens.

The issue came to light after I attempted to take a picture of my MacBook Pro display while holding the phone in a normal and comfortable position:…

See what happened? The image is completely obscured based solely on the way I was holding my iPhone. I attempted to adjust my grip and was able to improve upon my first shot:

A pattern is emerging: Most of the issues seem to be isolated to the top left portion of the photos…

There are lot more hijinks over at the full post, and it’s well worth checking if you want to get your nerd on. And again, it’s just a joke. You would think that it’s quite obvious, but some of the comments on the original post might surprise you.



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  1. Mr Obvious Says:

    Mr. Obvious says, “Perhaps you should hold the phone in a way that you don’t cover the lens with your fingers.”

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