Is AT&T putting the kibosh on high iPhone 4 upload speeds? Probably not

Tue, Jul 6, 2010


MacRumors reports:

In a rapidly-growing thread started in our forums over the weekend, iPhone 4 users from a number of locations around the United States have been reporting significant drops in data upload speeds on AT&T’s 3G network. As noted by Gizmodo, many of these users are seeing upload speeds maxing out at only 100 kbps, far below the 1500 kbps these same users were seeing before the weekend on their HSUPA-compatible devices.

That said, MacRumors notes that a few forum posters were able to talk to AT&T service reps who acknowledged that the company was experiencing data issues around the country. If problems persist, there might be something there, but it might just all boil down to higher than expected data usage over the holiday weekend.



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