An iPhone flashlight app that actually works

Wed, Jul 7, 2010


For reasons that defy any semblance of logic, an assortment of flashlight apps have not only littered the iTunes App Store for months, but have actually generated significant sales/downloads for a few lucky developers. But with the recent release of the iPhone 4, Apple is finally shipping a phone that comes with LED flash. The end result is that you can now really use the iPhone as a legit flashlight.

MacRumors reports that developer Michael D’Ulisse of MoreBluSky was the one who¬†first came up with the idea to use the iPhone 4’s camera as a flashlight, only to have his app rejected due to “inappropriate use of hardware.”

The developer then reached out to Apple’s Phil Schiller who promised to meet with the App Review department to review their policy. D’Ulisse’s arguments must have been convincing as after some consideration, Apple has approved MoreBluSky’s Flashlight – For iPhone 4 app as well as the many other iPhone 4 flashlight apps in their approval queue.

The moral of the story? Email Steve Jobs about a rejected app and you’re lucky to get a one word response. Email Phil Schiller and he’ll take care of business for ya.



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  1. Jason Anderson Says:

    Doesn’t it make sense to use the large rectangular screen than a smaller LED? My iPod touch’s screen is fine enough and large enough.

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