Report: iPad not cannibalizing Mac sales

Wed, Jul 7, 2010


Despite what some analysts may have anticipated, recently released data from the NPD group reveals strong iPad sales are not, in fact, cannibalizing Mac sales. On the contrary, Mac sales continue to increase and may very well may set a new quarterly record when Apple announces its earnings for the current quarter.

Specifically, NPD’s data reveals that Mac sales are actually up 37% year over year for the period covering the first two months of Apple’s third fiscal quarter. The consensus on Wall St., which Apple is on pace to surpass once again, is for quarterly Mac growth to check in at 19% year over year. So unless Mac sales unexpectedly start to nosedive, the strength of the Mac for the June quarter will be quite strong.

The iPod, meanwhile, continues to generate some decent revenue for Apple, but is clearly no longer the anchor for Apple’s financial health that it once was. Measuring iPod sales through the first two months of the current quarter, NPD found that sales are down 13% year over year.

Long story short? Apple appears to have successfully differentiated the iPad just enough to ensure that Mac sales remain robust. Look for another gangbusters earnings blowout once again in a few weeks.

via Fortune



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