Rumor: Next-gen iPod Touch to come with 5MP camera and FaceTime

Thu, Jul 8, 2010

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After last year’s iPod Touch refresh hit a snag – remember it was originally supposed to include a camera – this year’s upgrade will reportedly more than make up for that.

UK retailer John Lewis is reportingthat the next-gen iPod Touch, which will presumably launch in September of this year, will come with a 5MP camera with LED flash along with the ability to shoot HD video. And just like the iPhone 4, the device will reportedly include support for FaceTime. In short, the iPod Touch 4G appears to be the iPhone 4 sans celluar connectivity.

Finally, John Lewis claims the new iPod Touch will pack in an accelerometer and gyroscope to further perk up its gaming credentials. This is all still speculation but John Lewis is one of Britain’s biggest retailers so its sources are likely to be pretty savvy.

The report makes no mention of whether or not the upcoming iPod Touch will include the iPhone 4’s retina display or if it will sport the same A4 processor found in both the iPhone 4 and iPad. Either way, the next-gen iPod Touch, much like the iPhone 4, looks like an A+ upgrade.


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