iPad attracting attention from large corporations

Fri, Jul 9, 2010


Businessweek reports that the iPad is not simply being gobbled up by consumers, but is also making significant inroads into large corporations.

Apple, known for courting consumers with sleek designs and easy-to-use software, is making inroads with corporations that say the iPad can make workers more productive without putting sensitive customer information at risk. SAP, Tellabs, and Daimler’s¬†Mercedes-Benz are using the tablet-style computer for tasks as varied as accessing work e-mail, approving shipping orders, and calling up on-the-spot auto-finance options.

Specifically spotlighting SAP president Rob Enslin, the report notes that when Enslin travels he only brings two gadgets wtih him – a Blackberry and an iPad.¬†“It’s allowed me to almost run a paperless office,” said Enslin. A number of sales reps from Daimler Mercedez-Benz, meanwhile, have been using iPads on showroom floors to help illustrate various financing options to prospective buyers.


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