Microsoft’s large pool of mobile OS offerings

Sun, Jul 11, 2010


The Microsoft Kin is now in a better place, but Microsoft’s mobile OS strategy is not any more streamlined as a result. Not too long ago, Mary-Jo Foley outlined Microsoft’s many mobile OS offerings in light of Microsoft’s new software platform, Windows Embedded Handheld, which was introduced last month.

Microsoft now has at least six different OS offerings for mobile phones and devices. It has two different phone operating systems — Windows Mobile 6.x (the last of the line in the Windows Mobile OS family) and Windows Phone OS 7.0…  It has the just-launched Windows Embedded Handheld OS. It has an OS for TVs, set-top boxes, kiosks and other embedded tasks, known as Windows Embedded Standard 7.  It has Windows 7, which it is positioning as its OS for tablets and netbooks. And, as company officials said last month at Computex, it has Windows Embedded Compact 7 (which isn’t going to be released to manufacturing until Q4 2010) for PC makers who want to create slates and other consumer mobile devices that run on non-Intel processors and use less battery power.

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    Utter chaos.

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