Steve Jobs announces free iPhone 4 bumpers for all!

Fri, Jul 16, 2010


In what will hopefully be the final nail in the coffin regarding iPhone 4 antenna issues, Steve Jobs announced earlier today that all iPhone owners are eligible to receive free bumper cases to help alleviate iPhone 4 reception issues.

“We’re not perfect,” Jobs said,¬†“phones are not perfect. We all know that. But we want to make our users happy.”

The free iPhone bumper offer will be available to consumers through September 30th. And because Apple simply can’t make enough bumpers to match the 3 million iPhone 4’s that have been sold thus far, Apple announced that they’ll also make some third-party cases available as options to consumers.¬†Owners who previously purchased an iPhone bumper will be eligible for a refund, Jobs noted.

And users who are still not happy with the iPhone can still return the product, with no restocking fee, within 30 days of purchase.



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