HP files for “PALMPAD” trademark

Tue, Jul 20, 2010


Forget the HP Slate and Windows Mobile, HP is clearly rallying behind the WebOS it acquired when it purchased Palm for $1.2 billion in late April. Now, Precentral is reporting that HP recently filed for a ‘PALMPAD’ trademark which encompasses a broad range of categories:

Computers, computer hardware, computer software, computer peripherals, portable computers, handheld and mobile computers, PDAs, electronic notepads, mobile digital electronic devices.

Apple, no stranger to being sued, is also not afraid to pull the legal trigger itself, and has historically defended its trademarks very aggressively. More specifically, Apple has never had any qualms about going after companies who used terms like “Pod” in their products. That said, will Apple take issue with the Palmpad moniker if it, in fact, turns out that it’s used for a tablet style device?


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