Notes of interest from Apple’s earnings conference call

Tue, Jul 20, 2010


Apple’s earnings for the third fiscal quarter of 2010 blew past analyst estimates as Apple posted a 77% increase in profits on record sales of Macs and $15.7 billion in revenue.

Following the release of Apple’s earnings statement, Apple executives took some time to answer analyst questions about Apple’s business. Here are some of the highlights.

– Apple’s record sale of 3.47 million Macs is 100,000 higher than the previous record for quarterly Mac sales

– iPod sales are down quarter to quarter, though iPod Touch sales increased by 48%

– iTunes Store Revenue checked in at $1billion+ during the quarter

– Retail revenue is up 74%

– Cash on hand is an astounding $45.8 billion

– North Carolina data center should be operational by the end of the year

– iPhone sales were up 61% in June quarter

– International sales are astounding, representing 52% of Apple’s revenue. Mac sales are up 73% in Asia-Pacific region. Apple noted there is more room for international growth, and hardest challenge is figuring out which opportunities to pursue.


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