Apple updates website with video of Droid X showing signal attenuation

Fri, Jul 23, 2010


Apple today added the Droid X as the latest entry on its list of smartphones which display signal attenuation.


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  1. Chanson de Roland Says:

    Remember that full page ad the Motorola took out in the New York Times (NYT) at the height of the phony controversy about the iPhone 4′s phony antenna defect, which proudly declared that you can hold the Droid X any way that you want and implying that the iPhone 4 was defective because you can cause attenuation of reception by holding it in a certain way. Now, Apple displays video of the Droid X being held in a perfectly natural way, at least as natural as the iPhone 4 “death grip,” and experiencing the same type of attenuation of reception. Well, well, what goes around comes around, and it comes around even harder, when you are full of it. And smartphone OEMs, who live in glass house, shouldn’t throw stones or take out mocking full page ads in the NYT, which will become self mocking ads, because they all have the same problem. Or the apt, let the phone manufacturer, who doesn’t suffer this problem with its modern smartphones, cast the first stone.

    Motorola isn’t so sassy now, and I’ve notice that none of the rest of the smartphone makers have denied the truth of what Apple says at, that their smartphones also experience this common problem, and have shut their yaps about the iPhone 4 having some sort of unique design defect.

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