Apple drops NVIDIA as a graphics option as ATI takes the mantle

Wed, Jul 28, 2010


Icrontic reports:

Cupertino has spoken, and NVIDIA is no longer the preferred GPU supplier of One Infinite Loop’s polished white and aluminum desktops. Apple’s newly introduced 21.5” and 27” iMacs based on the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors will be the exclusive realm of ATI’s Radeon family. This not only ends the latest run of NVIDIA as the default GPU for the iMac, but is the first time since early 2008 that ATI will be the sole option for graphics on the iMac.

But it doesn’t stop with ATI winning the iMac. Apple also announced the new Mac Pro systems based on the Xeon W3500 and E5600 family processors, which will begin shipping in August. For the new Mac Pro, customers will start with a single ATI Radeon HD5770 and can upgrade to a maximum of dual Radeon HD5870’s offering a total of six displays. NVIDIA will not even be available as an option on the new Mac Pro.



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