China Unicom in talks to start selling iPhone 4 and iPad by early August

Thu, Jul 29, 2010


Tradingmarkets reports that China Unicom deputy general manager Li Gang recently flew to the US to finalize discussions with Apple over the company’s plans to start selling the iPhone 4 and iPad in China. Terms of the deal will reportedly be announced on August 1.

Negotiations with Apple Inc. are said to include discussions on the selling prices of the iPhone 4 and iPad in China and whether to extend a 2009 contract between the two parties.

China Unicom, in order to fulfill its sales target, plans to reduce the price of the 32G iPhone by CNY 1,000. The Chinese telecom carrier pushed all its branches to sell out all WIFI chipset-unequipped iPhones by the end of July, so that it can innovate with the new iPhone 4.

Its zero-inventory goal is expected to be reached by reducing the price of the iPhone from CNY 6,999 to CNY 5,999. This will be the second price-adjustment by the firm. Since China Unicom’s introduction of the iPhone into the Chinese mainland, its 3G network¬†has been on fast track and reputation has risen among customers.


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