UK troops using the iPad to help train for Afghan operations

Sat, Jul 31, 2010


Highlighting the broad appeal and multi-faceted utility of the iPad, the BBC reports that Apple’s tablet device is receiving rave reviews from UK troops who are using the iPad as a training tool for operations in Afghanistan.

Specifically, soldiers are using the iPad to learn how to handle a “fire mission” which occurs when troops are under enemy fire from several miles away.

In early trials at the Royal School of Artillery in Wiltshire, troops have learned the jargon and procedures more quickly than before, when they were sat listening to lessons from instructors.

It’s hoped smartphone and tablet technology could be used to speed up training across the army.

Soldiers interviewed by the BBC noted that the iPad not only provides a more enjoyable learning environment than would otherwise occur in the classroom, but helps to the extent that the iPad can be taken “back to the block” for practice.

The hope is that specialized iPad apps will help speed up the training process, an increasingly important goal in the face of armed forces budget cuts in the UK. On that note, Army training officer Major Rich Gill also pointed out that the iPad can help save on costs such as printing reference guides and manuals.

The use of Apple products in the military is of course nothing new. The US Army, for example, has long made use of the iPod and iPhone for language translation purposes and for interrogating prisoners.



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