RIM unveils BlackBerry Torch with slideout keyboard and outdated screen

Tue, Aug 3, 2010


RIM today unwrapped its latest effort to stay abreast in the increasingly competitive smartphone market. Dubbed the BlackBerry Torch, the latest device from RIM features a multitouch screen along with a slide out QWERTY keyboard and a 4MP camera with flash and autofocus.

BGR was able to get its hands on the device earlier today, and found that while the hardware build quality and feel is superb, the software leaves much to be desired.

The software is typical RIM — uninspired, old, clunky sometimes, and cluttered. Even with the new UI elements in OS 6, we experienced choppiness in the web browser, hangs navigating between screens, and a general feeling of well… claustrophobia sometimes. The simplified BlackBerry now sort of feels like too much has been added without thinking of the ramifications.

Also lacking is the device’s screen, which BGR describes as “laughable.”

For a company that is always “planning three years out” they surely didn’t get the memo that a 480×360, poor, poor LCD wasn’t going to cut it in 2010. That’s the focal point of the entire device, and it makes you feel outdated out of the gate.

On the positive end of things, BGR really liked the keyboard. Well that’s good to know.

So will the Torch be able to compete with the iPhone and an assortment of increasingly competitive Android devices? It doesn’t seem likely, but it just may be enough to convince hardened BlackBerry users toying with the idea of switching to stick with RIM and their ever so glorious keyboards.

You can read all about the new Torch over here.



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