Case Manufacturer releases mockup of next-gen iPod Touch design

Thu, Aug 5, 2010

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HardMac today posted illustrations purporting to show the casing for the next-gen iPod Touch.

As you may know, Apple provides some case manufacturers with the size and shape of the new iPhones and iPods so they can start making the new cases before the devices come out. This doesn’t allow us to know what materials Apple will use, but we can have a good idea of the shape of the future device.

Here is the photo illustration of one of the case manufacturers of the iPod Touch 4.

HardMac notes that their source has been extremely reliable in the past, and indeed, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the next-gen iPod Touch will sport a camera. Apple reportedly wanted¬†the third-gen iPod Touch to come equipped with a camera, but last minute technical glitches forced Apple to temporarily abandon that initiative. Now that Apple has had a year to correct the problem, it appears that it’s all systems go. Also, there have been speculative reports that the next-gen iPod Touch will also sport a front facing camera for FaceTime support.



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