Acer, HP and Lenovo PC sales fell “off a cliff” in July

Wed, Aug 11, 2010


In a new research note issued to investors, JP Morgan analyst Christopher Danely noted that Acer, HP, and Lenovo collectively and significantly lowered their orders for both notebooks and chips during the month of July.

The results led the analyst to cut his revenue and sales estimates for Intel. He didn’t anticipate a significant turnaround as he saw demand slowing in China, Europe and the US, triggering oversupply of notebooks…

Shrinking orders across multiple companies could be signs of a somewhat unexpected contraction of the overall computer business. Whether it will affect the wider market isn’t as clear. Companies that focus on high-end computers, such as Apple, have continued growing computer sales at above the average industry rate, even at the height of the world economic slump when some lower-cost rivals were scaling back.

via Electronista


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