Which Apple products will get the Liquidmetal Alloy Technology treatment?

Thu, Aug 12, 2010


Techztalk makes a case that the first Apple product to get the Liquidmetal treatment will be the MacBook Air:

The MacBook Air is one of the thinnest laptop available on the market today, but it is slightly heavier at 3.0 pounds than few other ultraportable laptops that weigh around 2.5-2.7 pounds. The reason behind this slight increase in weight is the aluminum case, which is the heaviest part of the whole design. Yes, the same aluminum case makes the Air more durable and tougher than other ultraportable on the market, but also heavier.

With Liquidmetal alloy, Apple will be able to drastically increase toughness of the laptop further, while reducing the weight. Liquidmetal alloy has 6 times yield strength and 4 times hardness of aluminum, but it is only about 1.5 times heavier. So, Apple could triple the yield strength and double the hardness of MacBook Air, while decreasing the case weight by 25 percent.



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