Ousted HP CEO Mark Hurd was not a beloved leader

Sun, Aug 15, 2010


Joe Nocera reports for the New York Times:

The consensus in Silicon Valley is that Mr Hurd was despised at HP, not just by the rank and file, but even by HP’s top executives…. “He was a cost-cutter who indulged himself,” was one description I heard. His combined compensation for just his last two years was more than $72 million — a number that absolutely outraged employees since their jobs were the ones being cut.

Rob Enderle, a well-known technology consultant, noted that in recent internal surveys, nearly two-thirds of HP employees said they would leave if they got an offer from another company — a staggering number. “He didn’t have the support of his people,” Mr Enderle said. Although he was good at “holding executives’ feet to the fire, he seemed to be the only one benefiting from HP’s success,” Mr Enderle continued. “He alienated himself from the people who might have protected him.”


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  1. Scott B. Says:

    “Rob Enderle”. Well that explains allot.
    Enderle is a idiot click bait whore, he will say anything he can to seem like he is in the middle of anything in silicon valley.

    Problem is “Rob Enderle” still owns allot of HP STOCK, HP is a prime AD suporter on “Rob Enderle” site, now it seems that if a person was to lose allot of money due to a made up firing of a top executive, that has been proven as “jumping the gun”.

    A resorcefull columnist like Rob Enderle could and would try to protect his stock and his main revenue from HP’s PAID Ad’s to him and his site.

    Rob Enderle is a untrusted hack that has proven time and again that if he has a personal investment in a company or product he will pull all the stops out to curry more faviours and protect his own intrests, but he never will put a disclosure after his negitive story’s of who his prime AD SUPORTERS are, and HP is a big money suporter for Rob Enderle.

    He is a self important washed up …..

    You get the point, check out his site, digg and you will find out the same.

    He is just protecting his mont stream and baiting for clicks.

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