Justin Long jailbreaks his iPhone?

Wed, Aug 18, 2010


Good ole’ Justin Long. He of the “I’m a Mac” fame and the underrated movie “Accepted.” Recently, Long appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, and well, if you fast forward the video to 7:04, you can see Cydia and TVOutTuner sitting comfortably on the iPhone screen.

Engadget postulates, thougth, that maybe Long isn’t the jailbreaking Apple spokesman he might appear to be:

A theory has emerged in comments that the show’s producer, not Justin, is responsible for the jailbreak. The idea is supported by the fact that Cydia and the TVOutTuner apps are sitting in what would typically be the most recently installed app positions (assuming all other screens are full), with the latter app required to mirror the iPhone’s display on that big monitor.



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