Apple set to unveil smaller iPod Nano without a click-wheel?

Thu, Aug 26, 2010

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AppleInsider reports:

Rumors of a “significant redesign” of Apple’s iPod nano have surfaced, suggesting the company could introduce a device a smaller form and no click wheel at its event next week.

Shaw Wu with Kaufman Bros. issued a note to investors Thursday in which he said one potential surprise from Apple could be a redesigned iPod nano with a smaller form factor and no click wheel. Wu said sources have indicated that Apple has procurement plans for a redesigned iPod nano.

“We frankly are not sure if this model will see the light of day,” Wu said. “But this would be a big departure from the design it has had since 2005 when it replaced the iPod mini. From our take, a radical refresh may make sense to jumpstart what was once its top-selling iPod.”

Well, Shaw Wu is pretty hit or miss with his “scoops”, so pardon us if we’re a bit skeptical. Still, there’s no denying that sales of the current Nano are stagnating as folks these days are more inclined to fork over a few extra bucks to upgrade to the iPod Touch.

Apple’s upcoming media event is scheduled to take place on September 1 where the company is expected to announce a new iPod Touch with front and rear facing cameras, and perhaps a revamped Apple TV along with the arrival of $0.99 TV episode rentals from iTunes.



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