iPod Nano case designs point to squarish form factor

Thu, Aug 26, 2010

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iLounge reports on new photos which purport to show a new case design for an upcoming iPod Nano. Earlier today, analyst Shaw Wu noted that the upcoming Nano would come equipped without a clickwheel. If the photos below are any indication, he may be onto something – especially in light of the fact that when it comes to the Nano, Apple seems more prone to experimenting with unique form factors than it is with other iPod models.

The two supposed iPod nano 6G cases, on the other hand, appear to be made for a squarish device based on the 1.7-inch Apple-branded touchscreen seen in photos earlier this year, without any room for a front-mounted Home button. The nano 6G case features an open strip on the rear—perhaps for a camera or built-in clip—as well as what appear to be volume buttons and a larger button on the top side while a Dock Connector and headphone port are along the bottom. Text accompanying the image notes that it is unclear what a move to this small a form factor might mean for the future of the iPod shuffle, though the “nano 6G” device is more like a screened iPod shuffle than the nano, Dock Connector aside.



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