Last minute iPod Touch rumors

Wed, Sep 1, 2010


iLounge posts a few tidbits about the upcoming iPod Touch expected to be unveiled later this afternoon:

* The Sleep/Wake button has shifted from the top left of the device over to the top right, mimicing its placement on the iPhone family.

* The camera is below the Sleep/Wake button, with a microphone pinhole off to its right.

* Volume buttons appear to be separate from one another rather than one piece, but stay in the same general position as in the second- and third-generation iPod touch models, as do the Dock Connector port and headphone port on bottom.

* It is slightly thinner than the second- and third-generation iPod touch. The rear casing has corner and side radiuses that are, as we previously noted, MacBook Pro lid-like, and the center does not bulge, so it can rest flat on a table like the first-generation iPod touch. What used to be a soft curve of the rear shell that wrapped around to surround the front glass is gone.


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