Australian carriers unable to meet surging demand for iPhone 4

Tue, Sep 7, 2010


While iPhone demand has more or less fallen in line with supply in the US, customers overseas are increasingly¬†having a hard time getting their hands on Apple’s iPhone 4. Earlier we reported that the waiting time for an iPhone 4 in Germany is a few weeks, and now comes word that the situation is just as grim in the land down under.

AustralianIT reports that mobile carriers in Australia have found themselves unable to keep up with the impressive demand for the iPhone 4.

As of yesterday, Telstra was the only carrier provider able to confirm it had stocks of the handset available. Online stores operated by Optus and its Virgin brand, and Vodafone Hutchison Australia’s Vodafone and 3 brands, all indicated they were out of iPhone 4 stocks.

Most stores were advertising delivery times of between two and three weeks.

When asked whether Apple was doing an adequate job meeting demand, most carrier’s were reluctant to criticise the device maker publicly. But a spokesman for VHA was prepared to say customer waiting times were becoming excessive.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Optus added that even though the carrier has been receiving consistent iPhone 4 shipments since launch, the popularity of Apple’s new device is surpassing what the carrier is able to supply. Moreover, shipments coming in are still being used to fulfill pre-existing orders, which only adds to the lag time experienced by users placing their orders today.



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