iPod 4G only has 256 MB of RAM

Wed, Sep 8, 2010


The latest iteration of the iPod Touch really treads the line between iPod and iPhone, but make no mistake about it, the iPhone 4 still reigns supreme in a number of ways. Not only is the iPhone 4’s camera a tad more sophisticated than the camera that ships with the iPod Touch, but word got out today that the iPod Touch only sports 256MB of RAM compared to the 512MB of RAM that comes with the iPhone 4.

In the know Apple blogger John Gruber tweeted earlier this afternoon:

Ways that the iPod Touch is crappier than iPhone 4: • only 256 MB of RAM; • non-IPS display; • worse camera(s); • no GPS;

And just in case you don’t wanna take Gruber at his word, the teardown experts at iFixit corroborated Grubers’s tweet a short while ago with, what else, a tweet of their own.

Breaking news: the iPod Touch has only 256 MB RAM, same Samsung part markings as iPad.


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