iLife ’11 to ship soon; Apple to integrate FaceTime into iChat – Rumors

Fri, Sep 10, 2010

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The French language Mac site Mac4Ever, which tends to have a pretty solid track record when it comes to Apple rumors, is reporting that iLife ’11 may be poised to hit store shelves soon. Back in late July, Mac4Ever hinted that the next iteration of iLife would include the following:

– All applications will be 64-bit
– Improvements in iPhoto faces & places
– Improving the integration of social networks
– iWeb will be totally renewed
– New application (mystery!)
– Disappearance of iDVD
– MobileMe gallery in beta (with faces & places)

More interestingly, though, is an indication that Apple’s Facetime video chatting feature may soon be integrated into iChat.

Furthermore, it is rumored that Apple is preparing to leave FaceTime for Mac and PC, the Mac version coming to settle down in the iChat software.

Facetime, of course, was first launched as an iPhone 4 only feature, and was only recently made available for the iPod Touch. While it remains unclear how Apple would make Facetime available for the PC, remember that Apple has said that it wants to make Facetime an open industry standard.


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