In wake of Apple’s updated developer guidelines, Google Voice appears ready to return to iTunes

Fri, Sep 10, 2010


Apple on Thursday made waves in the developer community when it loosened up its restrictive app store policies in a number of ways. For example, developers can now code for the iOS platform using whatever development environment they choose, whether it be cross platform or not. Moreover, and much more interestingly, some previously rejected apps may soon find their way into the iTunes App Store.

Apple made waves many months ago when it removed a slew of Google Voice apps from iTunes after they had already been accepted. What followed was an inordinate amount of finger pointing, name calling on both sides, and an FTC investigation. And now, it appears that Google Voice might make a triumphant return to iTunes.

Google Voice Mobile developer Sean Kovacs relayed yesterday that he received word from Apple that he could resubmit his app to iTunes and that it would most likely be accepted. Previously, Apple had remained mum regarding why Google Voice apps didn’t pass review, only to say that it duplicated iPhone functionality and that the review process was ongoing.

And so another saga/controversy comes to a close.

via TechCrunch



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