VLC media player app ported over to the iPad

Fri, Sep 10, 2010


Whenever someone gets a Mac for the first time and asks what software they should download, the VLC media player is always brought. The VLC media player, in case you haven’t yet had the pleasure, is an open source cross-platform player can run almost any kind of video format you can think of – which is huge because, believe it or not, people still use .avi files these days.

Back in late 2009, there was some buzz that VLC development for the Mac was waning, and the VLC team even put out a plea to the public looking for capable developers to help work on VLC development on the Mac.

While we’re not quite sure how many folks responded, iPad owners might be happy to find out that VLC has been ported to Apple’s tablet device by Appidium. Their blogpost on the matter reads:

You want to play a video on your iPad, regardless of its format? We. That is why we brought the ultimate media player, VLC, on iPad.

You can then download VLC soon on the AppStore. On the menu, reading almost all video formats!

The app is currently pending review by the powers that be at Apple, and once/if approved, will be available as a free download.


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