The Nokia E61i – A tale of 51 buttons

Tue, Sep 14, 2010


If there were ever a study in contrasts, take a look below at the Nokia E61i, a smartphone Nokia launched just a few weeks before the original iPhone began shipping in June 2007. While Steve Jobs and co. touted the lack of buttons on the iPhone, Nokia went a different route and packed a whopping 51 buttons on the E61i. Take a look below at what we’d all probably be using today, in some form or another, if Apple never came up with the idea of a multitouch smartphone.

Incidentally, anyone have any idea what the 4 buttons surrounding the main center button do? One of the buttons has an envelope icon and another a telephone icon, but aside from that, we’re at a loss.



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  1. Frode Moretro Says:

    The four buttons with icons are:
    Phone Book
    User-chosen program

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