Apple sources out another supplier for iPad touchscreens to meet demand

Wed, Sep 15, 2010


With the iPad still flying off store shelves at breakneck speed, DigiTimes is reporting that Apple has decided employ another company to help supply the touch panels used on its groundbreaking tablet device.

Cando, a subsidiary of AU Optronics (AUO), is scheduled to start shipping 9.7-inch touch sensors for Apple’s iPad from its newly reformed 4.5G production line in September-October 2010.

Overall output of the newly reformed 4.5G plant will be mainly for iPad touch sensors with a monthly capacity of almost one million units.

AppleInsider chimes in:

Before the iPad launched, numerous reports indicated that various production issues led to limited availability. Touch panels, in particular, proved to be a problem, as Apple reportedly switched orders for the parts to Wintek just before the iPad U.S. debut in early April.

In July, LG Display admitted it was unable to keep up with demand for the iPad, with the company incapable of fulfilling orders for displays.

Limited supply, along with strong demand, forced Apple to delay the international launch of the iPad by one month in April. And availability in the U.S., particularly of the 3G model remained constrained for months.


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