Best Buy CEO – iPad cannibalizing notebook PC sales by as much as 50%

Fri, Sep 17, 2010


Apple released the iPad into a marketplace that had notoriously been unwelcoming to all previous tablet devices. Though Apple scored hits with the devices like the iPod and iPhone, the potential for success with the iPad was particularly questionable given that no one was quite sure whether there was a market for such a device or not.

Well, it didn’t take long for the iPad to small all previously held notions about the tablet market. Apple sold over 3 million units in the first 80 days the device was on sale, and since then Apple has been struggling to keep up with demand. Apple even had to delay the international rollout of the iPad so that they could first fulfill orders in the US. In short, the iPad is an undeniable smash hit, and while Apple couldn’t be happier, other computer manufacturers must be frustrated to no end.

With iPads flying off the shelves, other devices are being ignored. Interestingly, Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn recently stated in a Wall Street Journal article that the iPad is cannibalizing traditional laptop PCs by “as much as 50%”.

While there has been talk in the abstract of the iPad eating into notebook sales, hearing the head of a large national retail chain toss out a number as high as 50% is particularly telling.

Just recently, Best Buy announced that iPad availiability would expand into each of its nationwide stores.



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  1. oregonpete Says:

    Jacob Weisberg “…Apple does have the tendency to make the same mistake again and again, which is that it likes closed systems” Please. Let’s have more “mistakes” like this.

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