Outgoing Nokia exec pees on handset makers who choose Android

Sun, Sep 26, 2010


It’s no secret that Nokia is still struggling to come up with a worthy competitor to the iPhone. Hell, Nokia is still struggling to hold onto whatever vestiges of smartphone relevancy it had way back when. Not only is Apple lapping Nokia with successive iterations of the iPhone, but the emergence of Android is also taking its toll on the Finnish handset maker. Still, as Nokia engages in a number of corporate restructuring maneuvers to try and help matters, the underlying problem is that Nokia lacks a compelling software solution. That said, some have suggested that Nokia hop on the Android bandwagon.

But if you ask Anssi Vanjoki, the outgoing head of Nokia’s smartphone division, if that’s a smart move, he’ll explain why it wouldn’t be prudent in so many words. Vanjoki recently likened handset makers who use Android to Finnish boys who “pee in their pants” for warmth in the winter- a temporary solution that only compounds matters soon thereafter.

Adding a little bit of humor into the mix,¬†Horace Dediu of¬†Asymco takes Vanjoki’s metaphor and extends it further. “I wanted to point out that strategically, using Windows Phone is the same thing, except that vendors have to pay for the urine.”



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  1. Art Vandelay Says:

    Apple fanboys love the iPhone because its a cool gadget, with 500 million useless apps, but its a lousy phone. Nokia products are far better than Apple’s toy. I want a real phone. I make phone calls. I dont need apps to check where a public toilet is in Omaha. I’ll never leave Nokia, and they have some amazing new phones coming out like the X3-02.

  2. @Art Vandelay Says:

    @Art Vandelay

    Nokia fanboys love the iNokia N900 Smartphone because its a cool gadget, with 20 apps that tell you how great Nokia is, but limits any imagination or allows for limited creativity and use by its users that have no clue what good technology is or would care if it hit them in the face., but its a lousy phone, like the rest of their lousy lineup of ancient technology.

    Read more: Nokia’s market share drops -Gartner Aug 2010

    Nokia’s share in handset markets fell to 34.2 per cent in the second quarter, a drop from 36.8 per cent the year before.
    Their high-end mobile phones are still unable to compete with rival Apple’s hit product, iPhone, Gartner added.

    Apple products are far better than Nokia Fledging ancient technology of 15 years ago .
    Apple made the Real SMARTPHONE, it has pioneered a new Market and has left others in the dust, Nokia has been scrabbling to catch up but keeps eating the dirt that Apple has left them as Apple pulls ahead with only a dust cloud as evidence.

    Apple has made the Smart Phone Market a reality for consumer use.

    Then there are others whom like to Invoke their understanding and confusion in the mix thinking that the Apple iPhone is just a Phone, There is a difference from a Push Button Nokia Cellular phone that just makes Phone Calls and a Smart Phone that allows you to do everything in one small portable device.

    You may want a Cheap Nokia Phone that makes calls, But this is far from what we are talking about.

    There is a BIG DIFFERENCE from a Nokia technology Phone and a Apple iPhone SMARTPHONE that is more of a Personal Computer that allows you to do everything.

    Learn the Difference and get out of the Dark Ages and STOP Comparing Nokia to Apple, Nokia only could wish it thought of the ingenuous Technology that is incorporated in the iPhone.

    WOW Maybe they Figured out the getting rid of the OLD Dead Weight CEO and Firing him was a good start in the correct direction, Problem is the hired a Microsoft idiot to finally put the last nail in the Preverbal coffin for Nokia and its demise is going to be sooner then later.

    Funny how the Apple Haters will Comment and try to Turn a Story that is About Nokia and Android around to add Apples iPhone as the main topic.

    CAN YOU SAY “O.C.D” !!!

  3. steffenjobbs Says:

    @Art Vandelay

    Aw, c’mon, don’t be a chowderhead. Do you think that somebody is physically stopping consumers from buying Nokia smartphones? What makes you think that the iPhone cannot make phone calls? If anything, maybe you’re talking about the network carriers inability to work properly while overloaded with tens of millions of iPhones. Sales of Nokia smartphones have fallen off because they don’t hold a candle to Android smartphones or the iPhone. Shareholders wanted to impeach that Nokia CEO for over a couple of years as the Nokia smartphones lost market share. Why? Probably because the OS sucked and Nokia high-end smartphones were overpriced and underpowered. There’s no conspiracy going on as you believe.

    I guess you think consumers are stupid for choosing more useful and simpler to use smartphones than your precious Nokia stuff. Nokia is in the toilet and will likely stay there despite your claims of Nokia superiority. Absolutely no individual is forced to walk into an Apple Store and buy an iPhone 4. Nobody. They do it of their own free will. When placed side by side, the majority of consumers will now choose an iPhone over some Nokia smartphone. So kindly get off your Nokia high horse and face some semblance of reality. Nokia is losing money and losing market share. Apple is making money and gaining market share. One quick glance at each company’s share price will tell you that much. Nokia is now just a feather in the wind in the mobile sector. Nokia and it’s followers will soon blow away. Good riddance to an aging dinosaur.

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