Report – Apple to tap Qualcomm for baseband for iPhone 5

Thu, Sep 30, 2010


AppleInsider reports:

A report out of the Far East early Thursday claims that Apple has decided on its lineup of component suppliers for the fifth-generation iPhone and second-generation iPad — both of which will reportedly obtain baseband chips from CDMA inventor Qualcomm.

Rumors that Apple would dump Infineon chipsets in future versions of the iPhone began nearly a year ago when it was reported that Apple and Qualcomm met to discuss “future cooperation.” Those sentiments were echoed once again, this time just three weeks ago when the Commercial Times pointed at Qualcomm-based iPhone 5.

Now given that Qualcomm essentially invented CDMA, Apple’s decision to drop Infineon for Qualcomm is potentially quite telling, especially in light of the ever increasing rumors of a CDMA enabled iPhone hitting stores sometime in early 2011.



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