Rumor: Apple buys up Samsung’s AMOLED supply

Thu, Sep 30, 2010

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Electronista reports:

A tentative rumor today asserts that Apple has been buying Samsung’s AMOLED display supply in a move that would trigger a part switch for Samsung’s own phones. Well-known Russian leaker Eldar Murtazin claimed that Apple had bought virtually all of Samsung’s Super AMOLED stock for 2011, leaving it with no choice but to switch to LCD for the Galaxy S and Wave. The Korean company is fulfilling carrier contract orders but has allegedly stopped retail deliveries from December onwards…

What Apple would do with AMOLED displays isn’t evident. All its current devices use LCD, and it so far hasn’t had to switch to AMOLED as it has beaten Samsung in display quality tests. Large AMOLEDs are also typically very expensive and would be unlikely to ship with an iPad or anything larger. Its production levels also continue to be low enough that it might not suit the production numbers needed for anything but a niche product.


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