No wi-fi for miles? Sprint ZTE Peel for the iPod Touch rumored to go on sale November 14

Sat, Nov 6, 2010

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Not too long ago, there was a rumor suggesting that Apple was planning on releasing a 3G enabled edition of the iPod Touch via AT&T, following in the footsteps of the iPad. Unfortunately this never came to pass, and iPod Touch owners looking to hop online out of the house are still dependent on the kindness of wi-fi strangers if they want to check their email and such.

Enter the Sprint ZTE Peel.

The ZTE Peel is a 3G hotspot device designed to snuggly  wrap around the iPod Touch, enabling users to browse the web in the absence of a wi-fi connection. Citing a source at Spring, the Boy Genius Report is reporting that the Peel will go on sale on November 14th. While pricing details remain elusive at this point, similar no-contract 3G plans from Sprint run at about $29.99/mo for 1GB of data.


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