T-Mobile – iPhone USB Cable is for jailbroken iPhones

Sat, Nov 6, 2010


With all the fuss surrounding the iPhone hitting Verizon in early 2011, people seem to be forgetting that there are a few other, albeit smaller, carriers that might be welcoming the iPhone to the mix as well in a few months time.

On that note, T-Mobile has reportedly begun selling an officially licensed iPod and iPhone “Charge & Sync” USB Cable, lending some credence to reports that the iPhone may be hitting T-Mobile in early 2011 as well.

A T-Mobile spokesman has since explained the mysterious occurrence.

Select T-Mobile stores will soon begin carrying iPod/iPhone charge and Sync cables to support customers who may be using an unlocked iPhone or are traveling from outside the United States and using an iPhone while roaming on our network. T-Mobile carries the iPhone in Europe, so many people traveling to the U.S. roam on our network with their iPhones.  The iPod/iPhone cable also makes a great companion product for our line of MicroUSB charging solutions.  The cable can be plugged into the USB port of the universal MicroUSB car, wall or two-in-one chargers to provide customers with a charging solution for their iPod when they are on the go.

Sounds a bit fishy to us. We somehow doubt that the market of USB Cables for jailbroken iPhones is so big as to warrant production of such a device. Unless, of course, the mobile carrier is expecting an influx of iPhone users sometime soon, say like in a few months time.

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