Google fires employee who leaked word of generous bonus and 2011 raises

Wed, Nov 10, 2010


Wow, Google is turning more into Apple day by day. Earlier today it was reported that Google was giving $1,000 in bonus cash to all 23,000 of its employees. Not only that, but Google was also planning on footing the tax bill on that generous gift so that each and every last Googler could keep the net amount of the bonus. And as if that weren’t enough, Eric Schmidt told employees, via a leaked company-wide email, that everyone would be receiving a 10% raise in 2011.

Great news, right? I mean there are already an abundance of stories that center on how great it is to work for Google – how great the free food is etc. – ¬†and now we have yet another story of how Google treats its employees with the utmost generosity. If anything, you’d almost think that Google “leaked” the news purposefully.

Think again, my friends.

Writing for CNN, David Goldman reports that Google identified the engineer who spilled the beans regarding Google’s holiday spirited generosity and promptly terminated him. Google alerted employees of its course of action in another company wide email that has yet to be leaked.


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