Facebook acquires FB.com, email service looking more like a sure thing

Sun, Nov 14, 2010


With rumors spreading that Facebook will launch, or at the very least announce, an email service on Monday morning, it appears that the company recently acquired FB.com, lending more credence to the notion of a web-based email service for Facebook users. A simple whois search reveals all.

So why FB.com as opposed to Facebook.com? Well, perhaps Facebook is hoping to preclude squatters from snapping up the domain. Or, and this makes more sense, a simple fb.com email address is a lot simpler than an @facebook.com suffix.

Assuming that Facebook email is just hours away from becoming a reality, what are the odds that the service will be a hit? It’s hard to say without first seeing what Facebook has up its sleeve, but with over 500 million active users, they’re definitely sitting pretty.



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