Google gives senior executives 30% raise for 2011

Sun, Nov 14, 2010


Working for Google sure has its privileges. A few days ago word leaked out that Google was giving each member of its 23,000 workforce a $1,000 bonus along with a 10% raise for 2011. Google was none too thrilled that their overtly kind gesture was leaked to the media, not to mention a leaked email from CEO Eric Schmidt, and once Google identified the employee who spilled the beans, they wasted no time in terminating his position.

But that’s neither here nor there because there’s more to the story than was initially reported. Now comes a report that Google saved its utmost generosity for its senior management team who will each enjoy a whopping 30% raise in 2011, upping their salaries from $500,000 to $650,000. The executives at the receiving end of this monetary windfall include Patrick Pichette, Nikesh Arora, Alan Eustace, and Jonathan Rosenberg.

Those executives are also getting hefty restricted-stock awards, with Pichette and Arora receiving $20 million, Eustace getting $10 million, and Rosenberg getting $5 million in grants and options. The numbers are interesting, considering that¬†TechCrunch reported this week that a single Google “staff engineer” was given a restricted-stock award of $3.5 million as an incentive to remain with the search company and pass up an offer from Facebook.

via CNET


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